Education in Bioenergy

The NSF IGERT Program in Multidisciplinary Approaches to Sustainable Bioenergy is designed to prepare PhD graduates who are trained as interdisciplinary scientists with a full understanding of the technical challenges facing the emerging bioenergy industry. MAS BioEnergy fellows span six of the eight CSU colleges, including those that encompass science, mathematics, engineering, policy, and economics disciplines, and are exposed to a unique interdisciplinary education in bioenergy through interdisciplinary coursework, and rotations. Additionally, there are two courses specifically created for students to learn about current technological topics in bioenergy and how to apply these topics for political, economic, and environmental assessment.

The USDA-AFRI Oilseed Research Group aims to provide four graduate students interdiscliplinary experience in oilseed production, with the goal of creating energy independence in rural Colorado. These students work closely with the MASB program, attending many of the same courses and seminars.

MAS Bioenergy         Oilseed Research Group

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